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Energy Storage Systems (ESS) have become increasingly popular and more efficient and affordable in recent years when paired with solar panels. These battery systems can be used for a variety of circumstances, and can increase the value and functionality of your system.

How Can Adding Solar Storage Benefit You?

Emergency Backup:

Similar to using a generator powered by fossil fuels to backup your home or office, battery storage systems can be used to provide backup power in instances where utility power has failed or gone offline. Pairing a battery with your solar now means that you can charge the battery using your solar panels to provide a backup source of power when grid power goes out. In cases where you may lose power from the utility for multiple days, such as in a winter storm season or hurricane season, you are able to use the solar energy for your home during daylight hours and charge the battery with any excess solar energy to be used during nighttime hours when the sun is no longer out. 

Maximizing your solar investment:

In some cases having solar panels on your home produces extra power during peak daylight hours that may not be used for the home. When this happens that excess power is usually sent back onto the utility power grid and is used by your neighbors. While many utility companies will provide some credit for excess power that your system sends back to the grid, oftentimes it is a small fraction of the cost of your power which is not always great from an investment standpoint. By adding a battery to your solar installation you then have the ability to store the excess energy generated by your panels in your battery to then use at night to further decrease your dependence on the utility grid.

Battery Systems Without Solar:

Some homeowner have opted to install a battery storage system at their home without using solar panels to charge their unit. These batteries can be used as both emergency backup power (similar to a generator) or as a method to maximize their lower utility rates during complicated Time of Use rate structures that some utility companies offer. This is something our staff is equipped to discuss with you to determine if this option will work for you.

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