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Live Oak Energy is committed to helping businesses who are looking for ways to save on their energy bills and add value to their brand through sustainable practices. We have over a decade of experience designing and building commercial solar installations for customers across the continental US. With the ever rising cost of power and increasing population growth we have seen customers come back with a rapid ROI on their system, while adding resiliency and energy independence to their facilities. Let us go to work for you to provide the appropriate design and system installation for your business.

How It Works

Modern solar panels have become extremely efficient, and affordable. Solar panels are mainly composed of silicon (under glass) which can generate electrical energy when exposed to sunlight. When sunlight hits your solar panels, photons from the light pass through the panels’ silicon wafers and generate a DC electrical current. Your system will also use an inverter, or in some instances multiple inverters, to harness that current and convert it into an AC electrical current which can power your home. You will also have the ability to add battery storage to your system which will allow you to store and use excess solar energy at night or in the event of grid power outages.

How Can Adding Solar to My Home Benefit You?

Power bills – the price of utility grid power is projected to continue to rise forever. As business owners across the country have continued to see these increases in price over recent years, many have decided to use solar energy to greatly reduce or eliminate their dependence on grid power and gain more energy independence.

Tax Benefits – business owners in the US who install solar on their home are eligible for a 26% federal tax credit from the government for the year it is purchased. Many states also offer local tax incentives as well. Some areas also qualify for additional government grants and utility rebates for solar installed. Contact our office for more information based on your location.

Property value – properties that have solar installed are often more valuable, and adding solar energy can help to raise the listing and sales price in the future.

Hurricane and Storm Prep – many areas we service are in hurricane and high storm activity zones. Pairing solar and battery storage for your business can provide safe and reliable, lifelong backup power in the event of grid failure. Our customers in the manufacturing sector, for example, are able to keep the lights on and machines running when the rest of the area may be without power. We know how important it is for you to remain operational to protect your bottom line.

Environmental Impact – adding solar panels to your business reduces your reliance on grid power and fossil fuels. You will be lowering your carbon footprint and making a difference in choosing to power your home with clean, sustainable energy.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Large scale battery backup has become increasingly more popular and available to businesses over the last few years, and can be designed to address your specific needs. Whether the situation calls for backup power due to frequent grid outages or for peak demand load shaving to prevent certain time of use charges, Live Oak is equipped with the experience and knowledge to find the right fit for your application. We have worked with numerous BESS manufacturers and engineers to achieve specific energy goals and we can help your business do the same.

LED Lighting Retrofits

Many businesses have made the switch to LED lighting in their facilities as they look to decrease their costly power consumption and look for ways to increase their bottom line. Live Oak is experienced and ready to help you with an assessment of your facility’s existing lighting and electrical infrastructure to determine the best options available to you. We will always strive to provide a fair and accurate picture of how switching to LED can save money for your particular business.

Commercial Roofing Services

Live Oak has partnered with the most reliable and reputable roofing contractors in the region and we can help identify options and plan for your facility’s new roof. Many times it makes sense to replace the roof at the same time as adding solar panels which can give you federal tax credit for the cost of the roof as well! Our team is prepared to assist you through this process.

Financing Options

Our systems and installations are able to be financed through multiple partners that we have carefully selected to bring you the most value and security in choosing a loan that fits your needs. Our customers often qualify for loans with 0% interest for the first 18 months, with rates ranging from 0.0% to 6.9%. Please contact us for a free consultation and more information.

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